The Explorer

The Explorer archetype is an embodiment of innovation and ambition, always pushing boundaries to discover new frontiers. They are constantly on the lookout for self-discovery.

The Sage

The Sage brand archetype is a thinker. They seek knowledge and shares that knowledge with others. In so doing, they aim to build a strong, loyal following that will keep them going forever.

The Lover

Sensuous and emotive, Lover has a passionate and intimate personality. Lover archetypes position themselves as luxurious and glamorous and are driven by an appreciation for beauty.

The Hero

The Hero is the redeemer and society’s savior. Characterized by self-sacrifice, courage and triumph, Heroes bravely endeavor to help everyone achieve their goals and bring a positive change in the world. Brands falling into the “Hero” archetype shout out their accomplishments from the rooftop and persistently work to improve and prove themselves.

The Magician

With their mastery in thinking deeply and outside the box, Magician brands promise miracles and know how to make dreams come true.

The Rebel

The Rebel is the harbinger of social change. They appreciate unconventionality and challenge the status quo. By promoting alternative lifestyles, they create cult-like followings and shake up the industry.

The Ruler

Motivated by the desire for power and control, Ruler brands are naturally dominating. Ruler archetypes pride their selves on being the chief among the tribe, representing the highest of standards. A Ruler brand aspires to rule a specific niche and suggests to its rulers that they can be a ruler too.

The Caregiver

The Caregiver brand archetypes are characterized by their selfless love and generosity. Generous and compassionate, companies falling into the category celebrate gentleness, comfort and support. They strive to meet the needs of the people and make sure everyone feels safe and appreciated.

The Everyman

The Everyman brand archetype expresses traits of simplicity and unpretentiousness. Companies falling into this category tend to connect with people on a deeper level and don’t expect to be outlandish or outstanding.

The Jester

Even a serious business can have the element of fun and the Jester brand archetype understands this the best. Fun and energetic, Jester brands expose the truth with a joke.

The Creator

The Creator brand archetypes makes its own trends. Brimming with excitement, the Creators are passionate about self-expression and imagination.

The Innocent

The innocent is filled with trust and optimism. They believe in the good of mankind and that people can be