The Sage

The Sage brand archetype is a thinker. A philosopher. Their top priority is cognition and critical thinking. They seek to understand the world around them and doing so is their grandest adventure. To do this, they bring to bear great intelligence and analytical skills. They can be quick—sometimes too quick—to offer a fact or quote in any situation.

The sage brand seeks knowledge and shares that knowledge with others. In so doing, they aim to build a strong, loyal following that will keep them going forever. The sage brand dislikes misinformation, ambiguity and misleading claims. Sage brands exhibit higher than average insight.

Sage brands excel at using language and symbolism. They often differentiate themselves by publishing case studies and other pieces of literature that display their knowledge.

Brand Values

Wisdom, Intelligence, Expertise, Information, Influence

Your voice & vibes are deep, analytical, factual, researched, humanist, trustworthy, wise, decisive, scholarly.

Your Personal Brand Promise:

To provide wisdom & guidance

Goals & Strategies:

The Sage's goal is to educate, creating the perfect product or service and their strategy to achieve it is to become a thought leader, constantly seeking information, knowledge and truth.

Brand Weaknesses:

The Sage can come across as a know-it-all. If a business is driven by a Sage leader, their image can be compromised by incompetent executives, and they can be seen as out of touch.

The Sage fears Lies, Misinformation, Ignorance, Inaccuracy, Stupidity

Sage Characters

Do you recognise yourself in any of these?

Brand Visuals




Fonts should be solid, historic, and classic fonts such as Times New Roman.

Examples of headline fonts:

Image Choices

Kaye Putnam has put together this Pinterest mood board as an inspiration:

Images should represent gaining knowledge, or analysing the world through scientific means