The Rebel

The Rebel is the harbinger of social change. They appreciate unconventionality and challenge the status quo. By promoting alternative lifestyles, they create cult-like followings and shake up the industry.

Brand Values

Disruptive, Liberator, Confrontational, Independent, Change

Your voice & vibes are candid, straight-shooting, bold, polarizing, controversial, anti-mainstream, defiant, unapologetic, dominant.

Your Personal Brand Promise:

Unapologetic change

Goals & Strategies:

The Rebel's goal is to shake things up and their strategy to achieve it is to innovate with out of the box thinking.

Brand Weaknesses:

Rebels can be perceived as argumentative, confrontational, or overly-dramatic. This has to be played very carefully in your messaging. You need to keep your finger on the audience’s pulse at all times and be ready to tone down the rebel attitude as soon as you see a conflict with the audience.

The Rebel fears Conformity, Rules, Repetition, Rigidity, Status Quo

Rebel Characters

Do you recognise yourself in any of these?

Brand Visuals




Fonts should be shock factor with bold and non-conventional fonts.

Examples of headline fonts:

Image Choices

Kaye Putnam has put together this Pinterest mood board as an inspiration: