The Caregiver

The Caregiver brand archetypes are characterized by their selfless love and generosity. Generous and compassionate, companies falling into the category celebrate gentleness, comfort and support. They strive to meet the needs of the people and make sure everyone feels safe and appreciated.

Brand Values

Compassion, Caring, Reassuring, Nurturing, Warm

Your voice & vibes are thoughtful, nurturing, concerned, protective, charitable, maternal.

Your Personal Brand Promise:


Goals & Strategies:

The Caregiver's goal is to protect and their strategy to achieve it is to provide unparalleled care to those around them.

Brand Weaknesses:

Caregiver brands can be perceived as old-fashioned, resistant to change, or overbearing. If the messaging and brand story is not told correctly, the brand will likely come across as disingenuous. So, the key to success is crafting the right brand story and messaging.

The Caregiver fears Helplessness, Selfishness, Ingratitude, Instability, Neglect

Caregiver Characters

Do you recognise yourself in any of these?

Brand Visuals




Fonts should be sentimental and inviting.

Examples of headline fonts:

Image Choices

Kaye Putnam has put together this Pinterest mood board as an inspiration: