Do you still recognise yourself?

Through school, college, work and on social media you’re told who to behave like to be successful.

So when you start to create your own content, to write online, you feel “fake”.

Until you learn to write, speak and create from your own values, this won’t change, and it’ll hold you back from the success you know you’re capable of.

Most of us have buried our own values and character for so long, we no longer recognise ourselves.

But our personalities aren’t dead, they’re just buried. We can dig them out. The way to do it is with a short personality test to discover your “Archetype”.

Based on the work of famous psychologist Carl Jung, your archetype sums up your values, likes and fears and gives you a set of guidelines to use your most authentic tone of voice, imagery and even design guidelines to help you create without friction and stay authentic to your own values.

Thousands of people have taken the test, and even big brands have used it to keep consistent and in touch with the customers that value them the most.

Now you can get the same results for free…

Discover your Archetype...

The Amazing Product

Jonathan F. Doe
Discovering my archetype has really cleared away the uncertainty around how I show up on social media.
For the first time I've got some understandable "rules" about how I write and create online, and my audience is growing again at last.

James Ford - CIO at