The Everyman

The Everyman brand archetype expresses traits of simplicity and unpretentiousness. Companies falling into this category tend to connect with people on a deeper level and don’t expect to be outlandish or outstanding.

Brand Values

Dependable, Realistic, Pragmatic, Inclusive, Equality

Your voice & vibes are genuine, likable, good natured humor, down to earth, welcoming, wholesome, friendly, humble, practical.

Your Personal Brand Promise:

To bring fair value

Goals & Strategies:

The Everyman's goal is to show empathy and their strategy to achieve it is to be the best for a fair price.

Brand Weaknesses:

Quite vulnerable to competition, can be hard to differentiate from competitors, in constant danger of becoming irrelevant.

The Everyman fears Exclusion, Standing out, Hostility, Isolation, Separation

Everyman Characters

Do you recognise yourself in any of these?

Brand Visuals




Fonts should be straight forward and basic such as Arial.

Examples of headline fonts:

Image Choices

Kaye Putnam has put together this Pinterest mood board as an inspiration: