The Jester

Even a serious business can have the element of fun and the Jester brand archetype understands this the best. Fun and energetic, Jester brands expose the truth with a joke.

Brand Values

Playful, Humorous, Positivity, Togetherness, Funny

Your voice & vibes are clever, politically incorrect, irreverent, over the top, high energy, fun loving, self-deprecating, expressive, silly.

Your Personal Brand Promise:

To entertain

Goals & Strategies:

The Jester's goal is to have fun and their strategy to achieve it is to empower consumers to let go and live a little.

Brand Weaknesses:

Jester brands can easily be typecast, and they can easily overdo the irreverence angle

The Jester fears Boredom, Negativity, Seriousness, Gloom, Misery

Jester Characters

Do you recognise yourself in any of these?

Brand Visuals




Fonts should be fun, youthful, and playful.

Examples of headline fonts:

Image Choices

Kaye Putnam has put together this Pinterest mood board as an inspiration: